Conference Introduction and Request for Sponsorship
Japan Saxophonist Association
The 19th World Saxophone Congress
Organizing Committee,
President Kazuo Tomioka
Chair Toshikazu Nagase

In July 2018, during the 18th World Saxophone Congress (WSC) held in Zagreb, Croatia, the Japan Saxophonist Association announced its candidacy to host the next Congress. The nominating committee chose Kurashiki Japan, which had more votes than the other locations, Shanghai (China) and Medellin (Columbia).
The 19th World Saxophone Congress will be held from July 15-19, 2021.
The City of Kurashiki and Sakuyo University have graciously committed to acting as supporters and sponsors. Due to their support, the main concert halls available for the WSC will be the Kurashiki Civic Hall, the Kurashiki Geibunkan Hall, and the Sakuyo University Hall in Kurashiki City.
The Congress will be hosted by the Japan Saxophonist Association and organized by the 19th WSC Organizing Committee (Chair- Toshikazu Nagase, Professor of Kurashiki Sakuyo University).
The committee members are listed hereafter.
The World Saxophone Congress was conceived as a conference to promote and raise awareness of the classical saxophone. The first Congress was held in Chicago in 1969, and since that time, the Congress has been held all over the world a total of 18 times.
30 years ago, in 1988, the 9th WSC was held in Kawasaki, Japan, with great success. And now, we have the opportunity to host the WSC, in Kurashiki Japan and again invite saxophonists of the highest caliber from all over the world, to mutually influence and promote saxophone music.
The City of Kurashiki, which is steeped in rich culture, art, and history, is an ideal location to host this event. We feel strongly that, in addition to the attendees from Japan, visitors from all over the world will also appreciate the draw of this dynamic location.
The area of Kurashiki, Japan was stricken with torrential floods in July of 2018.  
We hope the conference will be a strengthening influence for the people of Kurashiki as they continue to strive for a full recovery.
The members of the organizing committee are committed to making the upcoming 19th WSC an even bigger success than the Kawasaki WSC Japan hosted 30 years ago.
Conference participation fees will be collected from conference attendees, but these fees alone will not be sufficient for the Kurashiki conference to attract the most respected musicians and cover the costs of supporting orchestras and wind ensembles, as has been the trend in recent WSC conferences. We are hopeful that the attendees from around the world can enjoy their stay in Kurashiki and truly experience “omotenashi,” which is the highest possible level of hospitality and care in the Japanese culture.
Therefore, we humbly request that you express your generosity and support for saxophone music and culture by contributing to this important event. We would be grateful for any support you could provide.


The 19th WSC Kurashiki Organizing Committee Members
Organizing Committee President, Kazuo Tomioka
Committee Chair Toshikazu Nagase
Members: Yushi Ishiwata, Masato Ikegami, Toshihisa Ogushi,
Nobuya Sugawa,Shinichi Iwamoto, Hitomi Hara, Masashi Ohshiro,
Taku Ueda, Norihiko Takiue, Makoto Asari,Junichi Sato, Wataru Sato,
Yuki Inoue
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