Notification from 19th World Saxophone Congress organizing committee
Currently, Japan is dealing with the 7th wave of coronavirus infection, and inbound travel is limited to package-tour travel, which means entry into Japan is still quite limited. These travel restrictions are much stricter compared to other countries, and we must follow these immigration policies of the Japanese Government. 

Additionally, the unstable situation between Russia and Ukraine makes it very difficult to hold the WSC in person, where all can participate safely, freely and equally from various countries around the world, which is the ideal of the organizing committee. The situation also causes safety issues of flight, increased travel time, and increased travel expenses that will place a heavy burden on participants. 

Another major problem is that the worsening economic situation of music industry in Japan. It has made it difficult for sponsors provide adequate support to hold the WSC.

Even though you have permitted us to re-postpone the WSC to July 2023, we think that the WSC should not be postponed any longer because the circumstances as previously stated are not likely to be resolved by 2023.

After careful consideration, we think that we are forced to make the painful decision to cancel the WSC in Japan.We would like to leave the future of WSC to the International Saxophone Committee.

We sincerely apologize to everyone around the world who was looking forward to attending the WSC in Japan.We hope that the current world unrest will be resolved and that a meaningful WSC will be held in the near future.

Best regards,The19th WSC Holding Committee.


Holding Committee President, Kazuo Tomioka

Committee Chair Toshikazu Nagase
Members: Yushi Ishiwata, Masato Ikegami, Toshihisa Ogushi, Nobuya Sugawa,Shinichi Iwamoto, Hitomi Hara, Kinichi Nakamura,Masashi Ohshiro, Taku Ueda, Norihiko Takiue, Makoto Asari,Junichi Sato,Ryota Nomura, Wataru Sato, Yuki Inoue


about WSC

 The World Saxophone Congress was conceived as a conference to promote and raise awareness of the classical saxophone. The first Congress was held in Chicago in 1969, and since that time, the Congress has been held all over the world a total of 18 times.
30 years ago, in 1988, the 9th WSC was held in Kawasaki, Japan, with great success. And now, we have the opportunity to host the WSC, in Kurashiki Japan and again invite saxophonists of the highest caliber from all over the world, to mutually influence and promote saxophone music.



Kurashiki civic hall




Kurashiki Geibunkan Hall


Kurashiki City Museum of Art

Shinkei-en Garden



Japan Saxophonist Association
3-3-18 Chiyogaoka,Asao-ku,Kawasaki Kanagawa 215-0005 Japan
TEL / FAX:044-955-3115



2020.4.2 Announcement of the outline of the event.
2020.1.13 Open call for soloists for
Saxophone and chamber ensemble concert.
2019.5.1 We started recruitment of volunteers!